three favorites: august 13, 2017

August 13, 2017

My mother always used to ask us what our 'three favorites' were on our way home from a holiday or vacation. I'm trying to view every week of my life with gratitude, so I am using my mother's question to guide my weekly reflection. Here are my three favorites from my week, big or small. 

Well, I find myself sitting in the humid air of Bonaire and one week into a two week scuba vacation. It's good to get away. Although, I have started having back to school nightmares. Yes, teachers have them, too. I am going to soak up the sun and ocean breeze while I can. Here are some of the things I am loving this week.

1. The JCrew Signet bag. I bought this on eBay after looking for about a month for this bag in "festival red" without much luck. It popped up, and I was compelled to snag it. I am so glad that I did. The red is a welcome addition to my vacation outfits, and is roomy enough for my wallet, extra lipstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, phone, and my husband's phone and wallet. It's great for traveling, as it has a zipper that can even be locked.

2. As the eclipse approaches, I thought about Annie Dillard's essay, Total Eclipse, which describes the horror of watching the sun disappear. It's a great read. "We had, it seems, loved the planet and loved our lives, but could no longer remember the way of them. We got the light wrong. In he sky was something that should not be there. In the black sky was a ring of light. It was a thin ring, an old, thin silver wedding band, an old, worn ring. It was an old wedding band in the sky, or a morsel of bone. There were stars. It was all over." -Annie Dillard, Teaching a Stone to Talk

3. Watercolor paints. I have started a couple small postcard sized water color paper and I am pretty content with how they are turning out. Painting what I see while scuba diving using watery pigment feels correct, and it's fun see something close to what I experience underwater bloom on the paper. I got my set from IKEA, and love that the paints sit on top of a storage space for paper and brushes. 

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