three favorites: july 9, 2017

July 9, 2017

My mother always used to ask us what our 'three favorites' were on our way home from a holiday or vacation. I'm trying to view every week of my life with gratitude, so I am using my mother's question to guide my weekly reflection. Here are my three favorites from my week, big or small. 

1. Burberry Earthy Blush.  This has grown on me. Honestly, a forty dollar blush shouldn't have to do that. However, this one has. Yes, it is fragranced. Yes, it is ridiculously priced. But it is a great color that sits somewhere in between a blush, bronzer, and contour shade. It somehow does it all. When I want to quickly get ready in these summer mornings, this is what I dust on my cheeks. It makes me feel both subtle and glamorous.

2. Bandanas. I can't help it. All I want to wear is a bandana tied jauntily around my neck. Maybe it's because I buzzed off all my  hair. Maybe it's just because it feels right. If you aren't feeling like tying your neck scarf around your neck, Man Repeller has some advice for you.

3. Lake Weekends. Sigh. It's so good to get away. Even when I am on summer break. I bring my books, I bring my sunscreen, and we get away for the weekend. I think last summer we spent most weekends away from home. For the teacher in me that has to spend Sundays at home during the school year, I love to get away for a whole weekend during the summer.

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