small goals: july, 2017

July 17, 2017

I was inspired to start posting monthly goals by Nicole from Writes Like a Girl, who is a continuous source of lovely ideas, honesty, and outfits for me. I'll be posting five goals at the beginning of each month, and then assessing how I did in achieving my goals as I start a new set. If you want to join the link up, you can refer to Nicole's post about her July goals here.

July has been a muddled time for me. I feel the need to really dig in and get work done, but I also still feel the need to recover from my year of teaching and rushing around. Hopefully, some of these small goals will help to give me some direction and structure for the rest of my summer, and help me to feel less stressed about what needs to be done. Here are my July goals:

1. No new clothes or makeup for the month.   // I feel like I am consistently siphoning money away from my savings and into collecting more things. Finally, I think I am ready to pump the brakes on that and use what I have. This may become a longer goal or capsule situation if I have the will power. 

2. Run at least once a week.   // I hate running. But, I need to get some cardiovascular exercise into my routine. I am hoping that this will be sustainable as it is only once a week and something that I could carry into the school year. 

3. Start a Donors Choose campaign for my classroom.   // One of my colleagues this year filled her room with a lovely collection of books that could excite readers. I want to get better at offering books, and having options for resistant readers that go up to our school's library and come back empty handed. Donors Choose could be a great way to create a list of some good books that represent a variety of races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. 

4. Read at least two books about teaching.   // I am almost done with "It Wont Be Easy" which has been an encouraging and candid account of teaching from a teacher in my area, Tom Rademacher. I also would love to read "Whistling Vivaldi" which deals with stereotypes, and will be discussed for a book club that I am interested in joining at the end of July. 

5. Finish two DIY projects.   // I have a Game of Thrones cross-stitch that I am almost finished with, and would also like to sew an off the shoulder top. Lately, I have been missing the crafting that I did when I was in high school; after sorting through and clearing out many of the supplies I had held onto, I want to take advantage of my newly organized supplies, and get back into the process of creating

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