reading: the bat and cockroaches

July 21, 2017 Minnesota, USA

Okay. My husband once said that I am an expert in murder. That's not true. However, there is something that draws me to murder mysteries of any kind. Miss Marple? I'm there. My Favorite Murder? Great. Criminal Minds? Sure, but I'll be paranoid for a week.

This week, I finished the second Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbo called Cockroaches. I am of two minds about the first two novels in the series that feature a damaged Norwegian Detective. My first feeling is that I was bored. My second feeling is that I finished the books, and was surprised by both endings.

I'll be honest, I don't take in murder mysteries to try to solve the mysteries before the on screen or on page detectives. These stories appeal to me because they are truthful about the potential for humans to be both truly terrible and truly heroic. Harry Hole doesn't really fall into either of these two categories. He stumbles into his cases, and their solutions, often putting those around him in danger.

The Bat, the first novel, is set in Australia, and Cockroaches, the second novel, is set in Thailand. Harry Hole so far has left a wake of dead romantic interests and wounded partners in his wake. Those I am not all that interested in. However, I have heard that the series gets good after the first two books, so I will give the third book a chance.

I did, however, really enjoy the book, Blood on Snow, by Jo Nesbo. You can read my review here.

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