three favorites: june 7, 2015

June 7, 2017

My mother always used to ask us what our 'three favorites' were on our way home from a holiday or vacation. I'm trying to view every week of my life with gratitude, so I am using my mother's question to guide my weekly reflection. Here are my three favorites from my week, big or small. 

1. Sonia Kashuk hair brush. I bought this about a month ago, and I love it. This brush feels great against my scalp, and can really brush down any cowlicks I have developed while sleeping. It also looks quite chic sitting among my lotions and beauty products on my vanity.

2. This article about Geminis from the Nylon website. I found this article through Joy the Baker, who not only produces delicious recipes and lists of great web findings every Sunday, but is also a fellow Gemini. This article is a loving tribute to "Gemini, the low-key psychopath of the zodiac." I loved the way the author used voice, and the kick butt metaphors they used to describe a Gemini's personality. They also really delved into the fact that Donald Trump is a Gemini, a fact that I didn't know. I found this article to be a reminder to write about myself creatively, to control the impulse to fly too close to the sun, and to use my Gemini skills to fight for those around me.

3. Graduation ceremonies. Our seniors graduated last night, and it was really lovely to see them in that space between an end an beginning. I am so proud of the graduates. I have known many of the students since they were freshmen, and have really enjoyed watching them grow up and grow into who they are. It's hard to explain the pride I felt for all those different stories and experiences coming together to celebrate a universal milestone in their diverse experiences. I want all the best things this world has to offer for these young adults as they head into their futures.

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