three favorites: june 11, 2017

June 11, 2017

1. This eye shadow stick from No. 7. I grabbed this from Target a while ago, and it is really coming in handy now that the weather is hot and humid in Minnesota. This eye shadow stays put all day, and comes in a variety of shades- my favorites are Cool Mink and Velvet Truffle.

2. The Baz Luhrman Romeo + Juliet. My freshmen always finish up the year by watching this movie I never get tired of hearing them freak out about the slight changes to the end of the story. I also love the detailed world and vision of Verona Beach. It was a good way to end this school year. I have my students analyze how changes in setting and props can affect the themes emphasized by the original and the remake.

3. The newest Wonder Woman movie. I went to go and see Wonder Woman with friends this weekend, and it was really enjoyable. Although some of it let me down (like the constant objectification of Diana), it was one of the better super hero movies I have ever seen. The movie also had me wondering about the origins of the comic, which were much more interesting than I expected. This article from the Smithsonian talks about the secrets of Wonder Woman's creator, his connections to Margaret Sanger, and his dubious beliefs about women, bondage, and power.

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