three favorites: may 5, 2017

May 8, 2017

My mother always used to ask us what our 'three favorites' were on our way home from a holiday or vacation. I'm trying to see every week of my life with gratitude, so I am using my mother's question to guide my weekly reflection. Here are my three favorites from my week, big or small. 

1. ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream. This eye cream is light is moisturizing. I have had some issues with eye creams making my eyes burn, or leaving my eyes red in the morning, but this one just leaves my eye area plumber, and hydrated. 

2. This recipe for mole spiced chickpea tacos from Snixy Kitchen is magical. All the components come together really well, and they were a hit with company I had over at my house this weekend. 

3. Plants. I ran out this weekend, and picked up some tiny potted herbs, and a little baby succulent plant. I am hopeful that I can keep them alive. I've never owned plants before. 

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