three favorites: winter break, january 2, 2017

January 2, 2017

1. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil. What a ridiculous name! But the product is lovely. It is a citrus scented oil that can start more as a milky cream and will emulsify on the skin. When I put this on my lips or cuticles at night, I wake up with moisturized and glowing skin. This is great if you are suffering from dry patches this winter.

2. Steger Mukluks. I went down to the large and hilly dog park in my city yesterday, and all of the ground, including a considerably long hill, was covered in thick clear ice from all the rain Minnesota got around Christmas. I managed really well in my mukluks and stayed warm. The only person who outmaneuvered me was my husband who was wearing crampons.

3. Twin Peaks. I just started watching this thanks to good friends with good taste who forced my husband to give it a shot. (Michael isn't the hugest murder mystery fan.) I was so happy because I am loving the drama of this series already. I love everyone's hair, and the absurd way that Detective Cooper talks into a handheld dictation device.

I feel rested, and ready to take on the rest the quarter at my school. I wish you the best this first short week of January!

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