three favorites: january 8, 2017

January 8, 2017

1. Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. I just finished my bottle of this, and I am devastated. Partly because I love this cleanser, and partly because it is so expensive. This cleanser is the best physical exfoliant I have ever used, as I usually prefer a chemical exfoliant. The cleanser has a very very fine grit that almost just feels like a powder suspended in a nourishing gel base. My sensitive combination/oily skin flourished with this cleanser. I saw clearer skin and a refined texture from using this as my morning cleanser. The ingredients are lush, and the cleanser is truly organic and made in small batches. If you are at your wit's end with drying or dulling cleansers, or if you are looking to make your beauty routine align with your values, I would encourage you to check out Tata Harper.

2. Ebay. I just sold a skirt on Ebay and it was so exciting. Listing items, and printing postage once they are sold are so easy. I am so excited to have a little pocket change!

3. Hidden Figures. This movie was so beautiful. To see women (especially women of color) unapologetically represented as themselves- smart and capable- in roles as scientists and mathematicians was beautiful. Right from the beginning when bright Katherine was moved to a new school to foster her inquisitive mind, and she masterfully solves a math problem and then pushes her small angular glasses up her small nose I was crying. Then, to watch these women persevere despite often gasp inducing everyday discrimination, was beautiful. It makes me so happy to see a movie like this, that supports understanding and helps marginalized groups to see the history that exists for them, but is never taught. This movie, like Selma, is one that not only captures the mood of the time for civil rights, but also reflects what we are concerned about now- Intersectional feminism, the lack of representation in STEM fields, and the need to change systems of power that don't make sense anymore. Please go see this!

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