teaching: how to survive cold season

December 2, 2016

1. Make sure your room is stocked with cough drops, tissue, hand sanitizer, and lotion.
I walked around my classroom this week and offered one cough drop to "fake coughers" who wanted something almost like candy but a little grosser, and gave a handful to each freshmen that sounded like they were coughing up a lung. Students also are asking for a tissue left and right at a time when my school is saving money, and not buying tissues for classrooms anymore. It's worth buying a set of Kleenex boxes to get through the cold season, though, for me and the students.

2. Good skincare is a must.
I find that teaching, talking all day, and being blown on by my school's weird air system can really dry out my skin as the weather gets colder. I like to include an extra oil in my nighttime routine after my serum, and include an extra layer of moisture in the morning before my moisturizer, like a spray or an extra daytime serum. For oils, I like the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil or the Sonia Kashuk oil, and for moisture I like the Pixi Milky Mist. I also slather on the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm to make sure my lips don't die. 

3. Invest in a good pair of snow/work boots. 
Buy a pair of boots that you can tromp through snow in and change out of when you get to work. I love my Hunters for this, and wear warm wool socks underneath. I feel chic coming into work in them. Plus, if I forget a change of shoes, I can wear them during work without feeling like I am an arctic scientist weathering a storm inside like I would if I were wearing true snow boots. 

4. Up your vitamin game.
For now, my main vitamin choice is vitamin D. It made a difference in my emotional well being last winter, even if it was just a placebo effect, so I will try to continue to consistently take the supplement this winter. I need it, especially considering what 2016 has been like.

Best of luck surviving this cold season, in both senses of the word! Do you have any tips on handling the cold or colds?

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