three favorites: november 13, 2016

November 13, 2016

Oh my. This week was exhausting. There's so much to do. There's so much to do.

1. Target's Signature Soy Candles. I love most of these. They burn for a long time, and the scents smell natural and nuanced.

2. This article, "What Do We Tell The Children?", from the Huffington Post helped me to gather my thoughts about my students and what they needed to hear this week. Honestly, on Wednesday, I just offered hugs, snacks, and offered support if any of my students needed it or felt sad and scared. I spent a lot of time telling my students that they were allowed to be angry. I'm at a loss for how to perfectly address the racism and xenophobia and misogyny displayed in our election results. But, I do know that there are actions I need to take to continue to hone my teaching, and my curriculum to combat these problems that are so obviously present in our country.

Here is one of my favorite sections from the article. "Tell them, second, that you will honor the outcome of the election, but that you will fight bigotry. Tell them bigotry is not a democratic value, and that it will not be tolerated at your school. Tell them you stand by your Muslim families. Your same-sex parent families. Your gay students. Your Black families. Your female students. Your Mexican families. Your disabled students. Your immigrant families. Your trans students. Your Native students. Tell them you won’t let anyone hurt them or deport them or threaten them without having to contend with you first. Say that you will stand united as a school community, and that you will protect one another."

3. This American Life Podcast, "Will I Know Anyone At This Party?". This podcast is a sprawling look at the Republican party, and looks closely at the issue of immigration in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. It's hard to hear people speak about their fear of their Somali neighbors as many of my students are Somali. But, for those wondering "what happened?" this election, I think that this podcast provides a window into part of it.

"I remember one time a guy stood up at one of the other meetings. And he's active in the party. He's one of the better volunteers in the area. Everyone loves him, but he just stood up and he said, "This is why we lose. Whether you're right or wrong, you're coming off extremely racist. And if you want to make an argument that the reason the refugees coming is bad is because economically this, that, the other, we'll have that conversation, but right now it sounds like refugees are bad because they're Muslims." And he was pretty passionate about it. He got up and left. And he said the right thing and I think he looked better for it. But everyone else was like, oh, wow. I can't believe he thought we were racist. We said we're not racist."

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