reading: Blood on Snow

November 6, 2016

In the fall and winter I love to find books that are a little bit darker than usual, and settle in for a good read. Maybe I seek out these books because of Halloween and its after effects, maybe I like to read things that are darker because it reflects the weather and the darkening days. Who knows.

But, I found Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø at my local library and read it in a day. It fulfilled my need for something darker that I could snuggle into my couch and read, and it was really impressively written.

Blood on Snow is narrated by a Norwegian mafia fixer, a man who admits he doesn't read or write well, who tries to help people if he can but the only thing he is good at is murder. He kills people for a living. It was really interesting to have a story narrated from such a unique personality and point of view. There was suspense, a twist, and the setting of a dark, cold, Scandinavian city was the prefect backdrop for the story.

“Listen, I am someone who had chosen to earn their daily bread killing other people. I'm inclined to give people a bit of leeway when it comes to their actions and decisions.” ― Jo Nesbø, Blood on Snow

I would highly recommend this if you appreciate true crime, if you find yourself watching things like Criminal Minds as the weather gets colder, or if you enjoy having a view into unique psychologies.

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