three favorites: october 16, 2016

October 16, 2016

1. H&M Matte lipstick in Route 66. I bought this lipstick in the summer and wore it a lot while I was traveling in Seattle. It was a good shade this week. It's a lovely brown nude tone, and the formula is even and velvety. If you are curious about their makeup, you can find the collection here. I especially recommend the lipstick, brushes, and plastic travel containers.

2. The New York Times Run-Up podcast. I've been relying on this podcast to get me through this election, as they produce two episodes a week on the content everyone is talking about in relation to politics. The coverage is interesting, and explores topics in depth. The two most recent episodes focused on gender and power.

3. White Cheddar CheezIts. Target had these crackers on sale, and they are my snack of choice currently to keep me from buying gas station donuts everyday on the commute home.

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