three favorites: september 18, 2016

September 19, 2016

my favorite grading pens at the moment:  the cocoiro letter pen by Kuretake

1. The pens pictured are a great marker tip for grading. I picked these up from a Japanese grocery store in Seattle. They have a refillable body, which you can place the ink cartridge into. 

2.  Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I love this movie. It's so campy, and it features very young Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as rebellious catholic school girls that just want to dance. Nothing like a dance movie to lift the mood.

3. Mini Oreos. I am trying to buy less snacks, but during my afternoon commute I am typically starving. I bought the small bags of mini Oreos, and they are just junky enough to get me through my tedious drive home. Treat yo' self.

What were your three favorites for the week?

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