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August 8, 2016

I am nostalgically looking through my pictures from my trip to Seattle at the beginning of this summer. I feel inspired to share some of my favorite things from my trip. Here are some tips and tricks for traveling in the Pacific Northwest.

Things that came in handy on my trip to Seattle: 
  • an Orca Card- for riding public transportation hassle free.
  • a pair of Chelsea ankle boot style rain boots- space efficient, versatile, and weatherproof.
  • a rain jacket- functions as a light layer if it doesn't rain. Don't go without one.
  • a couple pairs of tights and a mini skirt. I felt hip and less like a khaki clad tourist.

Places To Go

Places To Eat
  • Stateside - Vietnamese and French fusion. You have to get some dessert. 
  • Ma'Ono - the best fried chicken of your life, and close to Alki. 
  • Uwajimaya - amazing Japanese grocery store. Check out the sandwiches, salads, candy, and sneak a peak at the stationary.
  • Oddfellows Cafe
  • Barnacle - hip seafood aperitifs and strong cocktails served in a cozy little bar.
  • Cafe Fiorre  

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