three favorites: august 21, 2016

August 21, 2016

Whenever we would leave a vacation or holiday, my mom would ask my family, "what were your three favorites?" I would often groan when she asked, but the question allowed me to reflect on the experiences I had, and decide what was important to me. So, every week on Sundays, I would like to start sharing my three favorites from the week. It will be a mix of favorite items and media, and I am hoping these posts will help me to cultivate gratitude for the lovely things in my life.

1. My Swedish Hasbeens Lotta platform clogs. They are comfy. They feel natural (and are). They are also on sale in a carmel color here. These give off quirky vintage vibes and they are going to be great for teaching.

2. The Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. Oh, this is so beautiful. This podcast examines Harry Potter as if it were a religious text. It dives deeply into the humanity and meaning that can be found in Harry Potter. The quality analysis is an English teacher's dream, and the topic reflects beliefs my inner childhood fan couldn't fully put into words.

3. The New York Times Morning Briefing. Even though it will probably have me shelling out for a subscription to the New York Times, I am loving this email newsletter. It covers a variety of topics from the Olympics to politics each morning, with links to more complete articles. I am able to wake up, clear out my email inbox, and then get caught up on the news.

What were your three favorites this week?

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  1. Oh the Harry Potter massage sounds really good, I don't think I've ever not liked something HP related so I'll check that out.


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