reading: Girl on the Train

August 18, 2016

I know I am late to the party as far as the hype for this book goes, but this book was part of my attempt to read female authored mysteries and thrillers this summer.

The Girl on the Train features an unreliable narrator, Rachel, who is reeling from a breakup with her ex, and her life is falling apart. She is fired from her job, and still rides the train to conceal her unemployment from her roommate. Rachel's train takes her past Meagan's house, which Rachel idealizes, and Anna's house, which is the house that Rachel lived in with her ex.

This novel is a great slow thriller, with Megan going missing, and Rachel unsure of what happened the night of the disappearance. There were plenty of twists, and one right at the end. It was a fun read, and if you haven't bought into the hype, this book combines Gone Girl with the blacked out and violent vibes of the Netflix series Marcella. 'Nuff said for the mystery/thriller crowd.

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