teaching: using an Apple Watch

February 8, 2016

I bought an Apple Watch, and it is really useful to me in my classroom. I got the Apple Watch™ Sport 38mm Gold Aluminum Case with the Antique White Sport Band from Best Buy. I love it. The watch goes with all of my outfits, holds up to the school day, and is a meaningful accessory that allows me to be more effective.

The Apple Watch is not a necessity, but it helps make my day easier as a teacher. Here's how:

App capabilities

My Apple Watch can connect to Class Dojo, act as a Keynote remote, act as a camera remote for self-recording and reflection(or taking outfit of the day photos before school), act as a phone in the case of a classroom emergency. There are so many more options for using an Apple watch in the classroom.

Knowing the date, time, and day of the week

While I am constantly writing passes and dating them for my students, it is nice to have all that information on my wrist. I also generally look for watches that can provide all of these details. It comes in handy when traveling or during the summer when I lose track of what day it is. 

Tracking activity level and steps

I spend so much of my day standing, and walking back and forth between my students answering questions. It's nice to have a device that tracks my standing hours, and calories burned while on my feet all day. It's also nice to have a subtle reminder to stand up once I am home, and not while away hours on the couch watching murder mysteries. 

Being aware of emails as they come in

I don't want to be a slave to my inbox, but I want to be aware of what is coming in. My Apple Watch discreetly "taps" me on the wrist when I get an email, which allows me to discreetly peek at the message, and then go back to answering questions about writing thesis statements or whatever is going on in class. 

Just in case of an emergency

This "tap" feature also works for texts and personal emails, and so my hope is that I would be aware if there was a family emergency.

How do you feel about the Apple Watch? Can you see other uses for it in the classroom?

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