styling: black boots and white knit wear

February 26, 2016

Duckworth glasses from Warby Parker, thrifted GAP sweater, pants from GAP, Apple Watch 38mm Sport Edition, and my Office boots (here is a similar pair).

Hooray for PD Friday. My students are off, and I am wrapping up a day of thought-provoking training.  This outfit was great for running between morning training at another high school, and afternoon training back in my building. I love this sweater. It's oversized, soft, and comfy. My advisor and Methods of Teaching professor in high school gave our college cohort advice to always dress professionally, even on training days. She explained that as young teachers, those events are potentials for networking, and making connections that make a difference. I tried to toe the line between comfort and professionalism today.

What do you typically wear for PD days at school?

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