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August 17, 2015

I love to collect pictures for style inspiration on Pinterest. I have a board devoted to style inspiration, and one person that consistently shows up in this board is Ginnifer Goodwin.  Here's the link to the board if you are curious. 

When I look through pictures I have pinned, I like to look for details that recur in the pictures, or are reflected in my wardrobe. These are elements of my personal style and taste.

Here's why I love Ginnifer's style:

  • Her hair: I love her pixie cut. It looks so chic and quirky!
  • Her sunglasses: With her hair, she can pull off classic Wayfarer type shapes and more unique cat eye shapes. 
  • Her collars and shirting: I love that her character Mary Margaret on Once Upon a Time is a teacher. She wears a lot of collared shirts buttoned up all the way, which Ginnifer does also. It makes a button up style dress or shirt look crisp and unique. 
  • Her shoes: I love the variety of shoes she wears, from ballet flats to clogs to lace up oxfords. These are some of my favorite style to wear. 
  • Her knee length skirts and slim fit pants. So flattering and wearable for work. 
  • Her use of pattern: I love stripes, plaid, and black and white mixed patterns, so it's no surprise these showed up on my inspiration board. 
  • Her use of layering: She wears so so many cute jackets, coats, and blazers. I love to layer, and celebrate fall for just that reason!
If this made you curious, I encourage you to think about people whose style inspires you. Create a place to keep images, and then reflect on what your personal style is. This will help you sort through your wardrobe, and make smart purchasing decisions that fit with the image you want to project. 

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